Email encryption with VaultletSuite 2 Go

VaultletMail is an email client allowing you to easily encrypt email messages and attachments on the go using AES256 bit and 2048 RSA cryptographic key, it has been designed for advanced users and beginners alike with a couple of clicks giving access to advanced features to experienced users.

VaultletSoft 2 Go felt a little heavy needing 85MB of hard disk space for installation (25MB download), it has a multilingual installation wizard (French, Russian, Spanish, English), it has been written in Java making it easy to be ported across platforms, Windows, Mac and Linux are all supported. Account creation is very simple, beginners mode can have you up and ready in five steps, advanced users installation mode informs you of everything that is about to happen and lets you choose in between installing the email client in your computer hard disk or in a USB thumbdrive to be able to send secure encrypted email messages while you are on the move, a third option called Hands On Mobile will work from a USB thumbdrive too with the added benefit that instead of storing the encryption keys in VaultletSoft servers the user gets to store them.

During account creation a virtual keyboard to thwart keyloggers can be used and a password meter indicates if the chosen password is good enough to withstand brute force attacks (dictionary guesses), optionally a contact email address to reset the password can be introduced, the personal details you need to convey to open a VaultletSoft email account are minimal.

VaultletSuite 2 Go encrypted mail client

VaultletSuite 2 Go encrypted mail client

In addition to quickly encrypting email messages this free secure email client has other privacy enhancing features, ScopeControl lets you determine if messages can be printed, archived and forwarded, HalfLife can limit how log the email will exist in the server, it can be set up to erase the email after a number of specific views or after certain length of time once it has been sent out, you can withheld the email senders name too, but in order for these features to work both parties will need to own a VaultletSoft email account.

Email encryption will not work if you send a message to people with a different email provider, however, all messages going to other providers outside of VaultletSoft servers include a footer link where people can click to be taken to a secure online web mail form from where to reply back without having to open an account, those messages will all be transmitted encrypted.

VaultetSoft email client is very complete with an archive and antispam filter, easy classification of emails in folders and storage of encrypted email attachments. To find out what each button does simply hoover your mouse over it and a tooltip will let you know, the user is always aware of what is going even thought the wide range of features could make you feel a little lost the first days, this software is free for personal use with premium paid for accounts giving you extra storage and features.

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UPDATE 2013: VaultletMail has now changed its name to Autonomy Central.