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Lacie Private-Public AES256 encryption based on Truecrypt

Lacie Private-Public is a multilingual free encryption program for Windows and Mac computers based on Truecrypt, it comes with Truecrypt license included. What makes it different from Truecrypt is its simplicity of use, while Truecrypt will give you many encryption algorithms and options this tool sticks to

DiskCryptor vs Truecrypt comparison

DiskCryptor download is a tiny 750Kb, after installing it you will need to reboot the computer, you might notice that its 64bit drivers come signed by the ReactOS foundation a non for profit organization assisting open source projects not able to acquire an expensive signing certificate to

List of programs for full disk encryption

If you encrypt your whole hard drive including your operating system you will not have to worry about wiping data, clearing the Internet browser cache, deleting temporary files and encrypting individual files, all you will have to worry about is choosing a strong passphrase that can not be

Free file encryption software BCArchive from Jetico

When you compress files you will be saving computer hard disk space, bandwidth and speeding up data transfers, file compression is useful to get around email maximum file attachments size too. Commendable file compression tools will allow for password protecting of compressed files, the most popular file compression

Review: Free encryption software SafeHouse Explorer

SafeHouse Explorer is an unbreakable free encryption software that keeps your confidential files inside a giant data vault which can only be accessed after entering your secret password, it will hide your files and make them impossible to view and copy without the right password. After you