VPN provider and VPN applet for smartphones

EvoVPN is a free VPN provider for Android phone users, they are also readying a version of their VPN for the iPhone, Windows and MAC users.

This VPN for Android is very easy to install, you can find their application on their site or the Android Market performing a search for EvoVPN, you will get a US IP,which means that websites blocking non US visitors will work.

EvoVPN mobile phone VPN

EvoVPN mobile phone VPN

With EvoVPN you can watch Hulu and listen to Pandora and Slacker radio in addition to be able to browse the internet anonymously keeping your real computer IP out of servers logs and protecting your privacy while using a Wifi Hotspot, this free Virtual Private Network for Android phones will stop packet sniffers, if you are in a country like China that filters the Internet EvoVPN will get around the filter and allow you to visit all websites.

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UPDATE 2011: EvoVPN no longer exists! If you still need a VPN for your mobile device you can try VPN4All.