OnionMail an anonymous mail server running on Tor

OnionMail is an open source mail server developed by hacktivists fighting mass surveillance, it runs on the Tor network and is able to communicate with the Internet as well as Tor hidden nodes. Running an OnionMail server and joining the federated network is open to everybody, connections in between

StegoTorus a camouflage tool to hide Tor traffic

StegoTorus is an open source tool that disguises Tor traffic simulating it is an innocuous protocol, this foils packet analysis making Tor harder to monitor and block. A client and server are both available for download, the software is available for Linux, Mac and Windows but is is command line operated and it

Review free anonymous surfing proxy Browsec

Browsec is an anonymous Internet surfing addon for your browser, this is not a real VPN, applications you have installed, like FTP, Bittorrent and the like will not be tunnelled, Browsec only hides your computer IP for Internet browsing and nothing else. I am always very cautious when something

Decentralised group communications with matrix

Matrix is a new open source standard for secure real time communications using end to end encryption, it can be used for video calls, voice, text, file transfers and anything that developers want to build on top of it. Matrix server infrastructure is made up of multiple nodes talking to each other,

Android encrypted video recording app Strongbox

Strongbox is a free open source app for human rights and privacy activists to be able to record video with their phones without having to worry about the device being lost or seized, although in some countries you can be charged for not revealing your password to

Send email with Tor, I2P and GPG using Confidant Mail

Confidant Mail is an open source cryptographic email system that wants to replace the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), an Internet email standard in use by leading email providers Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo to send messages outside their own system. Confidant Mail is not compatible with SMTP, it comes with its own

Top anonymous digital currencies for untraceable payments

The aim of the currencies below is to make it impossible for an investigator to analyse a public ledger, known as block chain in Bitcoin, and to hide the identities of those making and receiving payments. Other advantages are that the money can not be seized and transaction fees are very