Encrypted operating system for activists Freepto

Freepto is a Debian based operating system on a USB stick developed by hacktivist group AvANA and used, in between others, by various anarchist groups like the Spanish CNT group in Madrid selling USB thumbdrives with Freepto loaded and hacker spaces in Greece and Italy that do Freepto presentations

Anonymous online payments with Shadow Cash

ShadowCash (SDC) is a decentralised crypto currency with a focus on privacy and anonymity, one of the beautiful things of ShadowCash is that you can have two addresses, one that works like Bitcoin, with the operation recorded on a public blockchain called shadowchain, and a second stealth address

List of the best encrypted chatroom services

When your access to secure communication tools is limited in a shared environment or your are on the go, the services below can be used to set up a makeshift secure chat without any technical knowledge These websites can create an encrypted chatroom with minimal registration details and they can be accessed by anybody with a

Open source mobile phone app SureSpot for encrypted chat

SureSpot is an Android and iPhone open source app for encrypted end to end chat, you can send pictures and text,nobody can decrypt the messages, not even the app delelopers. AES256 bit encryption keys are created in your phone and the Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol is used to exchange them securely

Encrypted cloud storage with messaging Peerio

Peerio is a company providing encrypted file storage with integrated instant messager in the cloud. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux (if using the Chrome browser), smartphone apps are on the way, it is being developed by the makers of Cryptocat and miniLock, two other cloud based encryption utilities.

Encrypt Gmail messages with SecureGmail

SecureGmail is an open source Chrome browser extension to encrypt and decrypt Gmail messages with one click. After installation you will see a red padlock next to the compose button in Gmail, clicking on it will launch the compose window with a red bar that says “Secured“. Unlike other