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How Egyptian police quickly cracked journalist’s computer password

According to Mike Giglio, a NewsWeek correspondent, Egyptian police got hold of his laptop during his coverage of the latest Egyptian protest in Tahrir Square against the ousting of Mohammed Morsi,  cracking his password protected computer on the street to check what was inside, with just a few seconds of time and very little cost in terms of software and training.

See below screenshot of Mike Giglio Twitter account explaining Egyptian police password cracking quick method:

Mike Giglio password cracking Egypt

hacker10 :

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  • When traveling to Egypt and other such places it would be smart to use hidden/encrypted volumes.

  • Being a journalist these days it's becoming more dangerous than an extreme sport ! Who knows, maybe one day we'll see journalists sponsored by Red Bull with their Go Pro strapped to their chest running avoiding bullets in war zone. The same way today we can see people doing base jump on Youtube ;-)