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iPrivo is a free advert supported VPN provider, it will allocate you a UK IP address (additional US server planned) able to stream online TV, bypass Internet filters and hide your online activities from your ISP. During installation you will be asked for permission to install TAP-Win32 OpenVPN drivers, a toolbar and set your default search engine to iPrivo, the results are provided by Google with iPrivo earning a little commission, this shouldn’t be a big problem for the user.

The main concern was having to install a toolbar, without it you won’t be able to use the free VPN, turning the VPN on and off and settings are all administrated using the toolbar. I did not find it intrusive, it had a search box, a server selection tab, IP speed test, and links to services like Facebook, YouTube and online games, the option to select the US server was greyed out but it hinted that other locations should be available in the future.

Connecting iPrivo from Europe the speed test in the UK server gave me an acceptable 1.3MB download, 320Kbit/s upload, and 133ms ping rate, I accessed the BBC iPlayer with it and I did experience any trouble streaming the BBC live from abroad.

iPrivo free VPN toolbar

iPrivo free VPN toolbar

At the moment the service is in beta (testing phase) and it really felt that way, I didn’t manage to get the toolbar installed in Internet Explorer, maybe because I already had the AVG toolbar, I don’t know for sure. My favourite Opera browser was not supported and I ended up downloading the Chrome browser. It couldn’t turn the VPN on and off ┬áin the Chrome browser using the button in the toolbar and I had to do it manually going inside iPrivo folder manually executing the program. I would imagine those problems will be ironed out in the future, once the toolbar shows in your browser everything should work fine, don’t be discouraged to give it a try due to my bad experience, the application is easy to uninstall and it did not leave anything behind.

I was reassured that this is not a temporary offer reading on iPrivo frontpage that the VPN will always be free. Unlike other VPNs iPrivo logs policy was easy to find and understand, they claim to anonymize user’s IPs first and erase stored logs after one 1 week, quite fair, I also wasn’t shown any advert during my Internet browsing session.

I choose to pay for a VPN because I use it all the time and I still can afford it but if that changes in the future I can see myself using iPrivo as my main free VPN once they come out of beta, they have a better privacy policy than their main competitor (HotShoptShield) and I enjoyed the control that the toolbar gave me over the VPN.

If you are on a VPN package with a bandwidth cap you might want to consider iPrivo for video and music streaming saving your premium VPN for email and browsing sensitive sites.

Update 2014: iPrivo is no longer a free service!

Visit iPrivo homepage

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3 thoughts on “Free VPN with unlimited bandwidth iPrivo

  1. Unfortunately, it says that the service currently doesn’t support my location. (I live in a Eastern EU country) Maybe cuz they don’t have ads specifically targeting my original geo location?
    ps Luv ur blog! kbye <3

  2. Hello,

    I wasn’t aware of this and their FAQ does not mention anything about restricted locations, thank you for letting people know about your experience. I am going to email iPrivo and ask about it.

    Update: iPrivo never replied to me.


  3. I’e used Iprivo for a few months now. Up until recently it was a little slow to connect and not the most reliable software but on the whole it was quite useable.

    Recently, however, it has become so unreliable that it is unusable. It takes forever to connect and issue an IP address but the most serious problem is that it will fall over after connecting and expose the users true IP address to the world. With no warning to the user at all.

    Not only does the constant disconnecting and reconnecting slow browsing down to the point of making it useless but it completely negates the whole point of the software. Anyone who wants to browse anonymously has a reason for doing so, some in totalitarian countries will be risking their freedom or their lives to visit sites they are supposed to be banned from viewing. Any failure of the tool they are using to protect their identity leaves them vulnerable to very serious consequences including imprisonment or even death.

    I have tried to contact iprivo about this on a number of occasions over many weeks but have had no response.

    If you have a real need for the anonymity this package promises then you should look elsewhere. If you don’t really need what it offers then you are going to suffer a massive reduction in speed for no reason at all.

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