Chrome browser plugin Crypter encrypts text&files

Lazar Crypter is a Chrome app encryption plugin that ciphers text and files with the standard AES256 cipher, to encrypt the files or text data does not need to be uploaded to any server, encryption is carried out in the browser using Javascript, this makes man in the middle attacks impossible as well as stopping any remote vulnerabilities on a server relied on for encryption. The size of encrypted files is limited to a few Megabytes due to the plugin saving it as data URI.

Lazar Crypter Chrome browser encryption plugin

Lazar Crypter Chrome browser encryption plugin

To use this encryption plugin simply copy and paste any text inside the box, or upload a file from your computer hard disk selecting it, enter a password and click on “Encrypt”, you can then copy the resulting ciphered text to a webmail message, the receiver will need to have the same Crypter plugin installed or use a web based encrypt and decrypt form implementing the Lazar Crypter and located in the Lazar homepage and click on the “Decrypt” button after entering the password.

This can be a good plugin for those who travel as it could be added to a portable Chrome browser, the only problem is that your friend will need to have it too.

Visit Lazar Crypter Chrome web store

UPDATE 2013: This addon no longer exists, link deleted.

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