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List of the best encrypted chatroom services

When your access to secure communication tools is limited in a shared environment or your are on the go, the services below can be used to set up a makeshift secure chat without any technical knowledge These websites can create an encrypted chatroom with minimal registration details and they can be accessed by anybody with a

Encrypted cloud storage with messaging Peerio

Peerio is a company providing encrypted file storage with integrated instant messager in the cloud. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux (if using the Chrome browser), smartphone apps are on the way, it is being developed by the makers of Cryptocat and miniLock, two other cloud based encryption utilities.

Wireless anti surveillance device Cyborg Unplug

Cyborg Unplug is a hardware device that scans your WiFi network, detects unauthorised gadgets connected to the network spying on you, like a wireless cam or microphone, and disconnects them. There are two models available, one that works with the 2.4GHz band and detects and disconnects gadgets like Google Glass,

A look at the evidence alleging that Giganews is an FBI operation

As recently reported by Cryptome, a Giganews ex-employee has leaked to them what he claims is evidence that Usenet provider Giganews, with subsidiaries PowerUsenet, Usenet.net, RhinoNewsgroups and VPN company VyprVPN are logging customers downloads and work for the FBI. I downloaded all of the evidence Nick Caputo

Encrypted radio frequency communications with goTenna

Designed to be able to communicate without any Internet service provider, WiFi or mobile phone network, goTenna is a small autonomous hardware device that fits in your pocket and can be plugged into an iOS or Android smartphone to transmit low frequency 151-154 MHz radio waves to other goTenna users,

Bypass Internet censorship with friGate CDN

friGate is a browser addon for Chrome and Firefox to quickly help you bypass Internet filtering without you having install software in your computer. The extension has many configuration options, advanced computer users will like the many preferences that this proxy addon allows you. friGate requires a little more work

Anonymous torrent downloads with Tribler

Tribler is an open source bitTorrent client developed by the Delft University of Technology, TU Delft, in the Netherlands. What makes this program different from the other dozen file sharing clients is that it includes a unique built-in peer proxy bouncing technology routing data across multiple peers before reaching its final destination. Just like