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Fake ISP HM Customs And Excise HQ UK Network

I was looking at the server logs when I detected multiple visitors coming from the HM Customs And Excise HQ Network, the UK government agency in charge of collecting custom duties at the border. I became mistrustful of so many visits from the same government department, using

Censorship resistant hosting platform Zeronet

Zeronet is an open source decentralized peer to peer webhosting platform using cryptographic hashes and torrents to distribute websites and files. Any computer with an Internet browser and the software installed can access websites hosted in Zeronet. When you first launch your browser you will not see any IP

Sync multiple devices with open source tool Syncthing

Syncthing is a decentralized open source tool to synchronize files across multiple devices without using third party cloud servers like Dropbox, what should be an objective for people who care about privacy. Data in Syncthing is transmitted peer to peer via TLS encryption with perfect forward secrecy directly to your other devices, it never touches the Internet

Review free anonymous surfing proxy Browsec

Browsec is an anonymous Internet surfing addon for your browser, this is not a real VPN, applications you have installed, like FTP, Bittorrent and the like will not be tunnelled, Browsec only hides your computer IP for Internet browsing and nothing else. I am always very cautious when something

Decentralised group communications with matrix

Matrix is a new open source standard for secure real time communications using end to end encryption, it can be used for video calls, voice, text, file transfers and anything that developers want to build on top of it. Matrix server infrastructure is made up of multiple nodes talking to each other,

Encrypt and hide messages in pictures with SecretLayer

SecretLayer is a Windows program to encrypt and hide messages inside a photograph (jpg, png, gif, bmp), this is known as steganography. The program tweaks photo pixels and embeds tiny pieces of extra information in them without changing how the pictures look to the human eye. The tests I