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Police cracks encryption tools CrypticDisk, Acer and Datalocker

New top secret documents leaked by Snowden (link below) reveal that GCHQ, Britain’s spy agency, has a team to reverse engineering popular encryption software and they routinely collaborate with British police when they come across encrypted data during the course of an investigation. Since it is not needed to explain in

Censorship resistant hosting platform Zeronet

Zeronet is an open source decentralised peer to peer webhosting platform using cryptographic hashes and torrents to distribute websites and files. Any computer with an Internet browser and the software installed can access websites hosted in Zeronet. When you first launch your browser you will not see any IP

List of mobile apps to film incidents with the police

The following mobile apps allow you to record casual encounters and conversations you have with police officers. In a court of justice the word of a law enforcement agency is worth more than the word of a civilian, without a witnesses or a full recording of the encounter the judge

Sync multiple devices with open source tool Syncthing

Syncthing is a decentralized open source tool to synchronize files across multiple devices without using third party cloud servers like Dropbox, what should be an objective for people who care about privacy. Data in Syncthing is transmitted peer to peer via TLS encryption with perfect forward secrecy directly to your other devices, it never touches the Internet

Best apps to encrypt mobile phone calls

The following apps allow you to make free worldwide calls to other people that have the same app installed. Security wise, not only are your calls encrypted,  additionally, VoIP apps bypass data retention laws, calls made with a calling app are not recorded by your network provider. The best apps

OnionMail an anonymous mail server running on Tor

OnionMail is an open source mail server developed by hacktivists fighting mass surveillance, it runs on the Tor network and is able to communicate with the Internet as well as Tor hidden nodes. Running an OnionMail server and joining the federated network is open to everybody, connections in between

StegoTorus a camouflage tool to hide Tor traffic

StegoTorus is an open source tool that disguises Tor traffic simulating it is an innocuous protocol, this foils packet analysis making Tor harder to monitor and block. A client and server are both available for download, the software is available for Linux, Mac and Windows but is is command line operated and it