Monthly Archive:: July 2012

Portable PGP encryption with GPG4USB

GPG4USB is a portable program to encrypt text and files using GnuPG, the open source public key encryption system compatible with PGP. It works on Windows and Linux computers and does not require administrator rights for execution, files and messages can be exchanged with anyone using OpenPGP

Stop malware with Crystal Anti-Exploit Protection

Crystal Anti-Exploit Protection is a free utility to stop malware hijacking your computer, it will not replace your antivirus but act as a complement, the program will apply filters to your incoming and outgoing connections to decide if they should be allowed. Ironically enough my AVG antivirus

Portable text encryption software CTI Encryption

Open source CTI Text Encryption is a small (290Kb) portable application to secure your text messages, there is no need for administrator rights and it should work in any public computer, I found a few of the default settings confusing, like for example naming the password fields

Best Firefox addons for computer privacy and security

Security Sanitizer: It will securely wipe your Internet browser cache, history, cookies, download&search list and saved passwords using the US DoD 5220 algorithm (3 passes) or a single pass overwriting. Encrypted Communication: It encrypts text messages password protecting them, the receiver will need to have the same

Review US anti-censorship proxy FreeGate

Freegate is a proxy software to enable people living in a country that censors the Internet to circumvent ISP filtering, it is one of the most used proxies in China and it is  hosted in hundreds of dynamic mirrors to outsmart the Chinese authorities, you can also

Quick text encryption with ImmediateCrypt

ImmediateCrypt is a free open source utility written in Java to encrypt text messages, it uses cryptographic standards like the AES256bit cipher, CBC block chaining and PKCS#5 padding, ImmediateCrypt can be installed on a USB thumbdrive, there is no need to have administrator rights to execute it