Monthly Archive:: May 2012

Cain & Abel Windows password cracker

Cain&Abel is a long standing password recovery tool that can sniff passwords from the network you are in, crack encrypted passwords using dictionary, brute force and cryptanalysis attacks, record VoIP conversations creating an MP3 audio file, reveal password boxes, analyse encrypted SSH and HTTPS connections and much

Remove files metadata with BatchPurifier

Every time you create a document, take a digital photograph or edit a movie, hidden data called metadata will be embedded inside the file, that data can contain the author’s name,  date, software or camera used, copyright notices and even GPS Geolocation showing the exact location where

Anonymous Internet surfing with Liberté Linux

Liberté Linux is a small (220MB) Gentoo based secure oriented distribution available as a live CD, live USB thumbdrive, installable or Open Virtualization Bundle (.ova) compatible with Virtualbox and VMWare. This operating system enables people to anonymously communicate with others via chat (Pidgin+OTR, XChat) or email and

Mymail-Crypt for Gmail GPG encryption (Chrome)

Mymail-Crypt is a Chrome browser addon to encrypt messages with GPG operating within Gmail webmail interface, the project aims to be OpenPGP compatible to be able to communicate with anybody using public key encryption even if they have different PGP or GPG software. After installing Mymail-Crypt you

Dislocker, a free tool to decrypt Bitlocker volumes

Dislocker is a Linux and Mac OS X computer forensics tool to read Bitlocker encrypted partitions, it can be used with FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace), a loadable Unix Kernel module, or without it, once the partition has been decrypted you can mount it as NTFS and read

Host a tor server entirely in RAM with Tor-ramdisk

Tor-ramdisk is a tiny Linux distribution (5MB) developed by the IT department at D’Youville College (USA) to securely host a tor proxy server in RAM memory, it can run in old diskless hardware and it will stop a forensic analysis from people stealing or seizing a tor

Convergence, a digital Certificate Authority replacement

Convergence is an open source project that wants to replace Certificate Authority organizations issuing standardized X.509 digital certificates and confirm that the company signing it is who they say they are, for which a fee is normally charged, it can be very expensive to get a reputable