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List of free speech and offshore hosting companies

When choosing a free speech hosting company you should assess the kind of content you host, for example, in the USA although the 1st Amendment protects free speech a powerful multinational can try to get around it by launching a frivolous lawsuit that a small webmaster can’t

French Alqeda terrorist located thanks to his computer IP

Mohamed Merah, a self-confessed Alqeda member of Algerian origin responsible for the murder of three off duty paratroopers, one Jewish Rabbi and three children going to school was found by French detectives after scrutinising how many people had visited an online advertisement offering a motorcycle for sale

HIPAA complaint email service Protected Trust

Protected Trust email encryption allows for real time email traceability with auditing logs recording who read the email and what they did with it, messages can be set to expire after a certain date so that they are no longer available or cancelled if they have been

Services to send self-destructing email and notes

Sending a self-destructing note or email is a good way to  to make it difficult for someone to forward your message, saving it to a hard drive or stop a third party email server from keeping the message archived for years. The only way around for someone

How the FBI used computer MAC addresses against Lulzsec hackers

Five people connected with LulzSec (Lulz Security), a hacking group loosely affiliated with Anonymous responsible for defacing websites and stealing credit card details from numerous companies have been arrested today thanks to one of their leaders turning FBI informant. Their ringleader, Hector Xavier Monsegur, aka “Sabu“, was