Review Yubikey two factor authenticaion (2FA)

Getting fed up noticing daily brute force attacks in the server logs I decided to upper the game and implement two factor authentication (2FA) in the blog login page, this way even if a trojan horse in my PC captures the long random password nobody will be

Man using HideMyAss to harass ex-girlfriend arrested

A judge from Galveston County named Chris Dupuy has been forced out of office after being charged with online harassment for placing fake hooker advertisements with the photographs and phone numbers of two former girlfriends in the escorts section of a classifieds ads website. Harris County Sheriff’s

Free anonymous email&chat provider GhostMail

GhostMail is a new encrypted email, chat and file storage provider based in Switzerland that claims zero knowledge of its users and no log keeping. Everything is free, the company says this option will always exist. In the future a subscription model with extra features will be

Canadian police cracks Datalocker encrypted drive

According to the RCMP newsletter, after two and half years of trying to get in, Canadian police in Saskatchewan has managed to crack a hardware encrypted device storing child porn inside, this is the first time the police has managed to crack this particular device. An article

Police cracks encryption software CrypticDisk and Acer

New top secret documents leaked by Snowden (link below) reveal that GCHQ, Britain’s spy agency, has a team to reverse engineering popular encryption software and they routinely collaborate with British police when they come across encrypted data during the course of an investigation. Since it is not needed to explain in