Review Clef two factor authentication

Clef is a two factor authentication system that allows people to log into a website without entering any password or username, unlike Authy and similar multi factor authentication apps with Clef you don’t have to type in anything, only point your mobile phone camera towards a wave

Bypass Internet censorship in Android with Psiphon

Psiphon is free open source application from a Canadian company helping out millions of people from all over the world bypass Internet filtering. The software acts like a proxy and hides your computer IP from websites you visit but it was not built to make people anonymous

Fake ISP HM Customs And Excise HQ UK Network

I was looking at the server logs when I detected multiple visitors coming from the HM Customs And Excise HQ Network, the UK government agency in charge of collecting custom duties at the border. I became mistrustful of so many visits from the same government department, using

Review Yubikey two factor authenticaion (2FA)

Getting fed up noticing daily brute force attacks in the server logs I decided to upper the game and implement two factor authentication (2FA) in the blog login page, this way even if a trojan horse in my PC captures the long random password nobody will be

Man using HideMyAss to harass ex-girlfriend arrested

A judge from Galveston County named Chris Dupuy has been forced out of office after being charged with online harassment for placing fake hooker advertisements with the photographs and phone numbers of two former girlfriends in the escorts section of a classifieds ads website. Harris County Sheriff’s